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Headshot Sessions

  • You will receive all photos from each look.
  • Each look is itself its own Headshot Session. We may take 75-150 shots per look. There is no upper or lower limit, we shoot until we get what we want.
  • The idea behind several looks is to demonstrate range and to capture different aspects of who you are, and how you would like to represent yourself.
  • We consult with you on outfit choices before your session begins. This is a great time for us to get to know you, your goals, how these headshots will help you reach your goals, so we can know how to approach your shoot, and choose which outfits you should wear.
  • A typical Headshot Session lasts between 1 hour and 1.5 hours. We never double book or overlap clients. It’s your time, all of our attention is on you.
  • Our photographers have a vision. Your Headshot Photographer will give you clear direction and help you feel comfortable to get what we’re going for.
  • Attention to details during the shoot prevents problems in post. We’re always looking for and fixing stray hairs, rogue collars, etc.
  • A private online image gallery is created within 48 hours of your session for you to review and share with your agent and manager.
  • Download your high resolution files from our server with a personal link that can be shared with the lab you choose for printing.

Hair and Makeup

Makeup Artists are artists, and like photographers they must capture who you are, and present you in the best light. The Makeup Artists we work with are excellent, highly trained, detailed, pleasant, and they have a great work ethic. Professional Hair and Makeup doesn’t just remove a level of uncertainty during the shoot, it takes our results to a higher level. Good Makeup and Hair is an important piece of what makes a professional headshot look professional. Makeup Artists keep their attention on you throughout your shoot, touching up and fixing stray hairs during the session. They will often craft your hair into very different styles between looks, even sometimes making straight hair curly, and curly hair straight. This is great for demonstrating your range.


Retouching will make your headshots cleaner, sharper, stronger, and yet still appear natural.
Retouching includes:

  • Removing blemishes
  • Even out skin shadows
  • Cleaning up overall skin
  • Cleaning up hairline
  • De-emphasize wrinkles
  • Remove bags under eyes and dark circles
  • Emphasizing eyes

Deposits are non-refundable. Payment balance is due at completion of Headshot Session. All payments are non-refundable.

Call (310) 433-6028 or send us a message if you have any questions!