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Project Description


In 2010, Shelly Perry Photography launched with our main focus on actor headshots. Soon enough, we quickly gained recognition in our industry and have since worked with hundreds of actors and models around the nation. We also work closely with several casting and modeling agencies at each of our locations. We have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to professional actor headshots. This is due to the fact that we’ve been on both sides of the camera. We’re well versed when it comes to what exactly agencies are looking for; whether it be a commercial or theatrical look, we make sure you appear at your best.

Depending on the particular look or typecast you’re aiming for with your headshots, wardrobe is always half the battle. Wardrobe selections are one of the main reasons why we prefer to have a phone or in person consultation. These consultations not only help us understand what you’re hoping to achieve with your headshots but, to also share our expertise and opinions. This is a great opportunity to get to know one another and the perfect time to bounce ideas off each other. Hearing your thoughts and sharing your vision is the foundation for a successful photo session.

We encourage all of our clients to create inspiration boards. We regularly use Pinterest for inspiration boards. Even if you don’t use Pinterest, any photo you show us will suffice – it doesn’t matter if it’s from our website, social media or the internet in general. Inspiration boards give us a better visual of what you’re wanting to achieve. On our end, we also create and inspiration board for your headshot session. This way we’re able to compare and contrast both boards to really narrow down the looks for your shoot. We also like for our clients to share with us their previous headshots. Telling us your likes and dislikes about your current headshots definitely gives us a better idea of the direction to take.

When it comes to professional actor headshots, hair and makeup is highly recommended. Our hair and makeup team are experts in their fields with a great deal of experience in the world of headshot photography. Hair and makeup are the best ways to change up your style in between looks. Our hair and makeup artists will stay for the entire shoot. They are there to make any necessary adjustments in between looks.

After your headshot session, we will email you a special link. This link contains all the photos from your headshot session. It also helps to make your selection process a lot easier. We are continually updating and improving our CRM, which in return, makes for a quick turnaround time. Our CRM notifies and updates us in real time so we can begin the editing process as soon as possible. Editing is all done in house, so you can always expect consistency throughout all edited photos.

We help create a relaxing environment – music etc. – helps actors feel more comfortable- like taking headshots with a good friend