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Project Description


Whether it’s for LinkedIn, the company website, email signatures or business cards, professional corporate headshots are more important now than they’ve ever been. It’s not enough to just get professional photos taken. Business headshots need to be powerful, compelling and, above all else, be the absolute best representation of you or your company. Since 2010, Shelly Perry Photography has helped hundreds of companies and business professionals with capturing the right headshot.

It all starts with how you feel. We know that for most people being in front of a camera can be an incredibly uncomfortable situation. Helping you step out of your comfort zone is a part of our process. Throughout the years we’ve developed several techniques and strategies to help ease the nerves and butterflies that usually accompany headshots. All we ask is for you to be yourself and try your best to follow the directions given by your photographer. If you’re able to stay open minded and trust in your photographer, we promise you’re headshots will come out perfectly.

Specializing in on-site photography, we’ve refined our process to efficiently photograph teams in a timely manner. For on-site photography shoots, we scope out your office(s) a few days in advance to get a better feel for the environment. We know how important it is for a company to have a uniformed look throughout all employee headshots. That’s why we make sure to keep detailed notes for all of our on-site photography headshot sessions. So, whenever your remote employees are in town or if you have new hires, we know the exact set-up to keep the continuity with all previous employee headshots.

Individual business headshots are typically done at our studio. All of our equipment is industry standard and up-to-date. So, if there’s any particular set-up your business requires, we can make it happen. We aren’t limited to traditional in-studio headshots. There are several locations, within walking distance, of our studios that we use for environmental portraits.

Hair and makeup is highly recommended for corporate headshots. Our hair and makeup team travel with us for any on-site photography shoots. Like us, they have perfected their process and are able to work quickly without compromising their work. Our hair and makeup team stay with us for the entire shoot and standby to make any adjustments or touch-ups between headshots.

After every headshot session, we email you a special link with all of your photos. This special link allows you to easily make your photo selection(s) that you’d like to be edited. We use a robust CRM that helps streamline our post production process. Our CRM updates in real-time when a photo has been selected for editing and, in return, makes our turnaround time quicker than most. All editing is done in-house. Our editing team pays attention to every detail and makes sure to never over edit. The last thing we want is for a photo to look Photoshopped. We keep everything as natural as possible while still cleaning up any imperfections.

We create a comfortable environment that helps put you at ease etc – music and shit

A timely manner – this allows for you to get back to your work day etc – break up teams in groups so everyone isn’t standing around etc