At Shelly Perry Photography we put a heavy focus on professional headshots. But, we tailor every headshot session to our client’s specific needs. Whether you’re in need of traditional in-studio or environmental headshots, we work with you and your vision. We strive to make sure you’re comfortable and happy at the end of your headshot session.

For actors, we focus on capturing the perfect theatrical and/or commercial look. We first approach actor headshots by reviewing your previous headshots and/or any photos you may have came across that inspires you. Any inspiration photos you provide truly gives us a better idea of the style and look you’re wanting to achieve. It’s a collaboration! Sharing your thoughts and opinions on your previous headshots will give us a better idea of what you’re wanting from your headshot session. Being experts in our industry, we know exactly what casting professionals and agencies are looking for when it comes to professional headshots.

Our approach to professional business portraits for business professionals is very similar as it is for actors. We first like to start off with a phone conversation to get on the same page with you and your company. If there are any company headshots we’re trying to mirror we’d like to see those examples. If there aren’t any company headshots then we will work with you and do everything we can to capture the perfect headshots for the business.

We also are experts in life event photography. Whether it’s for senior portraits, maternity shoots or engagements – we love helping our clients commemorate any life event. These are way more in depth phone or in person consultations. These consultations are important because it really helps us understand what you’re wanting to accomplish from your photo session.

We also offer hair and makeup for every headshot session. We’ve partnered with professional hair stylists and makeup artists at each of our locations. Our hair and makeup partners stay with us from start to finish for any headshot session. They’re there to make any necessary changes/adjustments in between shots or looks. Although our hair and makeup professionals come highly recommended by us for any headshot session, these services are completely optional for all our clients.

All photos are edited in house by Shelly herself. With any headshot session package, at least one free edited photo is included for our clients. Shelly likes to offer any additional selected photos for editing at an additional cost.

For every headshot session we will always offer a phone or in person consultations. These consultations take anywhere between 10-15min and will cover everything you can expect from your headshot session with us. These consultations not only help us be on the same page as you, but they also allow us to hit the ground running the day of your headshot session.

We like to offer these additional services, along with our headshot packages, to give all of our clients a piece of mind. We strive to make our client’s headshot session and experience as easy as possible.




“Excellent experience with Shelly Perry Photography! We had a surprise request for professional photos for a work project, so I turned to yelp to see where to go. Shelley Perry had awesome professional portraits which is what I was looking for.”


“From the moment I walked into Shelly’s space, I felt at ease about using her for my professional pictures! She went above and beyond by taking me to a few locations around Downtown to get the perfect back drops/light combinations.”


“Working with them was a relaxed and fun experience. We shared many laughs in the process. I would 10/10 recommend and do it all over again.”